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Take Care of Yourself! Mental Health Supports during COVID-19 Crisis

Hi everyone,

Other than for those who are true introverts – and are really relishing this current opportunity to stay home during the COVID19 crisis - (aka my father and my brother Dr. Nathan To this time of social distancing and quasi isolation can be uncomfortable, even frightening for many folks. Many rely on social interaction – with co-workers, with classmates, with extended family, with friends – more than they even realize and when forced to suddenly cease contact, the shock to the mind and heart can be more than some are used to or able to bear.

Understanding the need to reach out and socialize in a different way is key to “making it” during these stressful and turbulent times. However, if the various forms of online actions are no enough, and you feel yourself in a grey or even dark place, consider reaching out to one of the following resources to support your own mental health.

Here are some great resources – they are British Columbia and Canada focused. But, if you’re reading from elsewhere, I am sure similar resources exist in your community.

For Parents and Care Givers, School Professionals, Health Care Professionals and/ or Youth and Young Adults

Kelty Mental Health:

Stigma Free Society (Resources coming soon!):

BC Child Youth

Canadian Mental Health

Personal Counselling

If any readers want to suggest any other links – please email me/ tweet me or reply to this blog. I’ll take a look and add it if appropriate.

Finally, a HUGE thank you to our Medical Professionals and First Responders (yes capitalized on purpose). In this war – they are the vanguard of our defence. They are risking themselves every day to make sure we stay safe.

For them – for my wife Michelle who wants to keep us safe while she works at the hospital - please do your best to stay home.

From my family to yours - be well, everyone. Another blog to come next week.

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