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Beware The Blog

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

I’ll keep it short, I promise. Actually I promise I’ll keep them ALL short.

For the past two decades of my career in education – I have avoided/ dreaded/ purposefully ran from “The Blog”.

(from the Blob DVD from 1972, Son of the Blob)

“Beware The Blog!!!”, said the little imaginary folks sitting on my shoulders.

“No one will read this!”, decried my inner self-deprecation.

“They didn’t even read it when it was required for class”, explained 2003 me (yes I tried creating a blog for my students to comment on each week….tried…).


Now that I’ve spent two decades in education, I do have a few things that I want to comment on – BUT, I am also acutely aware that no one wants to read more than a 3 minute read.

Most people really only want to read:

1. People they want to learn from,

2. People they want to agree with, or

3. People they want to hate.

Hopefully, this weekly blog will be able to meet one of these three needs. Anyhow – I will write about all things Education, some things Parenting, and very few things Life. Or maybe it’s all really just LIFE.

I’ll try and keep it short; I’ll try and be somewhat amusing; I’ll do my best to speak the truth.

Maybe I’ll turn this into a podcast…I think I’m funnier in person…

oooo....a 1 minute read!

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